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Duluth GA Chandelier Cleaning

As Duluth's premier window cleaning company we specialize in both residential and commercial window cleaning services. We will expertly clean your windows inside and out. You can trust our locally owned and operated company to handle your window cleaning needs. In addition to residential window cleaning services, our skilled and professional staff can do cleaning extras.

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Our superior window cleaning services can include typical cleaning extras such as:

Chandelier cleaning: We will carefully hand wash any chandelier and can expertly treat even the most expensive crystal fixtures. We have the proper ladders and equipment to do on site chandelier cleaning. We use a mild cleaning solution; hot water and a lint free soft cloth towel to hand wash, buff and dry each piece and section of your chandelier. We will change light bulbs and dust remaining bulbs. Your chandelier will look like new after our chandelier cleaning service.

Light Fixtures: Light fixtures can be tricky to clean and intricate to take apart. We can clean both interior and exterior light fixtures, as well as change light bulbs. Your light fixtures will glisten and shine bright after our cleaning professionals are through!

Mirrors and Ceiling Fans: If you always seem to see streaks or a dull residue on your home's mirrors, we can help. Let us create a masterpiece in your home by professionally cleaning your mirrors. If certain ceiling fans are difficult to reach, be sure to point them out and we will properly clean the entire fan as one of our cleaning extras. We will dust, polish and shine your fan.

Blinds and Shade: It may be a mute point to professionally clean your windows and not properly clean your window blinds and shades. Another time consuming task, blind and shade cleaning can difficult and labor intensive. We have efficient and comprehensive techniques to clean your shades and blinds.

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We are happy to help with additional cleaning extras, so don't hesitate to ask for a quote for service. Contact our Duluth Chandelier Cleaning Professionals today for the unmatched window cleaning services you deserve.

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